Thursday, December 01, 2005

for once, nothing doin´

I have spent the last couple of days doing absolutely nothing, and that has been really rather nice. Catching up on reading and emails, drinking hot chocolate and finally being on my own has all recharged my batteries. I was beginning to worry that I was going to be constantly exhausted for the next 3wks and would never have any time to sleep. Instead, I have managed to get drunk in an Irish bar, survive a Beagle Channel cruise (not exactly exciting, and I like lighthouses), drink my body weight in the fabulous hot chocolate at Tante Sara, and avoid everyone I have been hanging out with. I can´t help it, sometimes I need to be a loner. There is not tons to do in Ushuaia though, it is a port town which thrives on tourism, being the most southerly city, and the starting point for the majority of Antarctica cruises. Everyone here wanders around wearing fabulous amounts of North Face with the biggest cameras I´ve ever seen, basically waiting to leave. This all gives the town a rather transient feel. This morning I did head to Tierra Del Fuego National Park, and did a rather lovely walk along the coast. The Beagle Channel is very interesting in that it is a channel through which the Atlantic and Pacific meet. If I had better Spanish, I could find out whether this creates any interesting currents or weather patterns, but unfortunately I am linguistically challenged. I am good enough at asking for what I want, and translating what barmen or waiters are saying for other people (what can I say? I am ruled by my stomach), but real conversations? Not a chance.

Tomorrow, the heat of Buenos Aires. I have to admit to looking forward to being warm and wearing flip flops again. Although I will miss the sunshine until 10pm at night. I will never get tired of that.


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