Thursday, August 25, 2005

put the credit card back in the wallet

Wow. I'm in the consumer heaven commonly known as Singapore, and yes, it has been a challenge of a different degree of what I am used to. Western country, western systems, western prices. Ouch. But so much fun to wander into a shop, not be forced to look at ten things, and wander out again, completely painlessly. Is this what the world is really like? How easy.

Chinatown was gorgeous, both traditional, with beautiful gentrification. Orchard Road was a shopping mecca. I think Kate maxed out all her cards, but then again, she goes home tomorrow, so she can handle it. The airconditioning, the subway, the cleanness - this is a great city. Such a change from Asia, and a real reminder as to what I have been missing. Furthermore, there is no tourism scene. People really do go shopping at Levi, they do have coffee in Starbucks, and they really do take clients to posh dinners at French restaurants in Chinatown. Topshop was filled with Sinaporeans. Yes, Topshop. I was pleased as punch when I saw it, and still managed to come out with nothing. Backpacker shopping is no fun! Having said that, its to Bali tomorrow for one more week of Asia-dom, and then Oz, where I meet my mum. That, I cannot wait for. A little something to look forward to whilst I miss the Israeli boy.


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