Thursday, June 30, 2005

lao lao

Luang Prabang is meant to be a gorgeous town, and it does seem to be from what I have seen of it, which is only one street. I unfortunately got food poisoning (second time ever, which isn't so bad) and so was ill all of yesterday. Totally recovered now though, and about to hit up the town.

To get to Luang Prabang, I took the 2 day slow boat from the Thai border. I read somewhere that the people you meet on the slowboat are the people you travel through all of Asia with, and I can see why. I met the most amazing family of Americans who are just the sweetest ever, including their nine and eleven year old kids, a Texan accountant who does improv (Elena), a cool Dutch girl (Jolen), and Ori, from Israel, who is just plain amazing. (I have a big crush on Ori). Despite the fact that we were stuck on a boat together for two days, the craic has not stopped flowing, and we are still hanging out on a very regular basis. Fantastic. I could not be a happier traveller at the moment. Well, one thing would make it slightly better, and that would be if I actually went and explored the town, which I'm about to do. And of course, there will be much Beer Lao drunk tonight. Reputedly the best beer is Asia, and it lives up to its reputation.


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