Friday, June 10, 2005

lazy laziness

Today, I have managed to achieve nothing. This is a certain possibility whilst travelling, although whilst in Belfast I was certainly also able to have days of nothingness. Well, I have done some things, but my calorific burn has remained low, to say the least. So, how was my day wasted? I wandered out for breakfast - the traditional traveller meal of banana pancakes, and my first ever one. It was rather yummy, and I can see why the trend caught on. Then it was a pause for a banana shake whilst I wrote up my journal and wrote some postcards. Then I lay in a hammock for a while and finished my book. Instead of having lunch, I walked up to the cemetary and got some durien from a fruit stand. Durien is a Thai fruit that is brown and spiky on the outside, and about the size of a pineapple. It tastes like custard avocado, and is just as fattening. It also smells disgusting after a couple of hours, so must be eaten right after it is peeled. It is banned in most hotels, but I snuck mine into the garden, along with some green mango with extremely chillied sugar. I started a new book as well, and wrote a friend a letter. And that brings me to now. So no, not much happened at all, but it was a perfectly blissful day indeed. Tomorrow is going to be work, so it pays to take a day off every now and then.

Guidebooks are every traveller's best friend. I am currently using two - Footprint guide to Thailand, and the Lonely Planet's South East Asia on a Shoestring. Now, normally I loathe Lonely Planet and love Footprint, but Footprint keeps letting me down, not least today when I was looking at confusion at its map of Kanchanaburi, and realised that it had been drawn wrong. It doesn't inspire faith, does it?


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