Thursday, June 02, 2005

back at the doctors

After having been convinced by my mother to return to the doctor, I have now been given more rabies vaccine, and also been told the good news that my wounds are healing well. That makes me over the moon. I have also been given permission to do more walking. Yeh! A little bit more freedom. Actually, it still hurts rather a lot to walk, but now I think I might be able to get a taxi to a market and have a wander and take pictures, or something like that. I feel that I am certainly on the road to recovery.

I was officially the most annoying patient today, and my doctor was very patient with me, but it was actually a bit of an accident that we actually started to understand each other. In Thailand, there is no concept of "pre-exposure vaccination" - that is, preventative vaccination, so he couldn't understand why I had only had three injections. It was a small chart that revealed this possibility, but he has advised me, to be ultra safe and sure, to have all five injections, and I'll be protected in the future. I'll go with that. Who knows what sort of dogs are in Vietnam and Cambodia?

So, I treated myself with having my favourite breakfast in my favourite brekkie joint - muesli, fruit and yoghurt along with toast at the Sawasdee House. I would move here if they had a lift and a pool, but they have neither, so I'll stick with my vastly expensive (25GBP/night) hotel.

Oh, and I did my laundry. The mundanity.


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