Wednesday, May 25, 2005


khao san
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You would think with the fact that I have had both cards and cash stolen that I would be able to cut back on the old spending issue, and start living like a monk. Ha! This is Bangkok - spending is what people do. Well, that and a few other extra-curricular activities which also involve the exchange of cash. So, what did I buy? The list is as follows:

3 books - one on buddhism, one Thai phrasebook, and one by Michael Frayn. Now, these aren't too bad a purchase, because I did trade two books in for them.

2 pairs of full length fishermen's trousers - one white, one grey.

2 brand t-shirts - one Tao (Coke), one Singha (thai beer)

1 fake roxy t-shirt

1 short skirt in yellow

1 longish cotton wraparound skirt in blue - tres good for the old teaching.

1 pair of cotton trousers with strange chinese writing down them.

Random cheap jewellry, including a gorgeous eye of shiva.

So yes, I admit that is a lot of shopping. I just couldn't help it. So now I know that I have to cut back, or start selling my soul on ebay. And cut back I will. Only street food from now on - none of this 50B pad thai nonsense! (Just to say, all of my purchases were between the 100-200B mark - that's $2.50-5 in US. Still, it all adds up.

I also posted my belongings home today, which was great. I even have a little tracking coupon, even though I sent them sea mail. One more of my tasks ticked off then. Still have the whole "learning thai" thing to master though.


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