Saturday, May 14, 2005

land of temptation and plenty

Thank goodness I am leaving Bangkok today - it is the city of spending cash! I walk down the street and I become poorer, I swear. It is also the city of frustration. I spent so much money yesterday trying to get through to British Airways to change my flights - I finally got that done, many bhat later. I still have some other stuff to book, like my surf school, and jillaroo school. I'll try and do that this afternoon maybe. I'm now going to be home in time for Christmas, which is niiiice. I then tried to post my belongings home, but since it is Saturday, the post office isn't open. What a pain, but it seems that post offices all over the world are designed never to post anything! I'll do it when I come back to Bangkok in about 10 days. Since I'm going down to the islands tonight, I have decided to leave almost everything at the hotel, and just take down my day bag - I'm thinking that all I will need is a bikini, some shorts and vests. I was only going to spend 5 days down there, but I can see this turning into 10. At least.

I had one of my best Thai experiences today. I swear, this country is consigning to make me fat, and I just had some green mango with chilli sugar - mmmmm, delicious. Definitely a highlight. I have also been breaking quite a lot of food rules, like drinking drinks with ice (or consisting almost solely of ice, as was the strange snow cone I had yesterday), and eating yoghurt. Yoghurt, I am sure is good for you, since it gets your body used to strange bacteria. And so far, so good. (Now I'm going to jinx myself!).

Am most definitely looking forward to laying on the beach for a few days. Casey is staying at the Sanctuary so she can do yoga, and I will most definitely be joining her a couple of times to stretch out the old limbs. Am also taking my running shoes in case there is a nice path to go running. Am very much craving exercise at the moment - I think my body might be in shock after having trekked for so long. Besides, if I don't take some exercise soon, all that mango and pad thai is going to start showing up around my middle!


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