Sunday, April 24, 2005

temples and chucking

I have now been in Kathmandu for a couple of days, and am getting much more used to the place. I have seen lots of temples - both Hindi temples, which are the triple roofed kind, and Buddhist ones, which are white, and have the all seeing eyes on them. All very fascinating, and photos to follow. I have also been rather ill, and as yet haven't eaten more than a couple of bites of bread a day for the last 2 days. Not much fun! Still, all part of the process, if you ask me. I also passed out this morning at Durbar Square, right outside the temple of the Kumari (the kumari is a living goddess - she is only 4 years old, and will be a goddess until her first period), but I was with my tour group, so they have all looked after me very well. This afternoon we went to see the temple where they hold cremations - all very Michael Palin; I watched, but didn't take any photos - it seemed intrusive, although lots of other people were.

Tomorrow we fly to Lukla, where we start our trek. Everyone seems to be quite nervous, in that no one has actually done that much trekking before. Everyone seems to be like me, and have signed up for it on a whim. The last group who did it told us we would cry - good omen! Anyway, no internet contact for about 2wks. Wish me luck for the trek.


Blogger Tom said...

Have fun on your tear-jerking adventure!

3:03 AM  
Anonymous cousin kate said...

Thinking of you fiona- hope you're having fun!

1:18 PM  
Blogger lobster2603 said...

alrighty lobster? hope you managed to eat a little more before you set off to conquer the (base of the) beast. all my love and hugs hugs hugs x

7:24 PM  

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