Friday, April 22, 2005

am arrived

Have arrived in Kathmandu. Its all rather overwhelming, at first in a scary way, now in a rather relaxed fun way. Have only been here about 12 hours, but have managed to find myself on the back of a motorbike driving across town (traffic is completely mayhem here - people drive on all sides of the road, and people walk down the middle it seems) to a restaurant I don't know with a guy I don't know who buys me dinner. Tres strange. I don't think my mother would approve! Still, I survived. Am having quite heeby-jeebies about the water here, and must get around to buying a couple of bottles of mineral water. Still, I ate 12hrs ago and haven't been ill yet, and I think that's a good sign. Nepali food is grim -like Indian but worse. Its tres non-cultural of me, but I'm sticking to Western until the trek forces me to change. That way I can experience the delights of sausage-chicken pizza. Yummmmeeee.


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