Tuesday, April 12, 2005

passport back in my grasp

Sigh. The doorbell just rang, and with me only being in my underwear, and my mum only having one leg, I had to grab an old dressing gown (I will never be as chic as Audrey manages to be in Breakfast at Tiffanys - I'll probably never be chic in all honesty!) and run downstairs to face the postie. Luckily, he was nice enough to say that my package did look pretty damn important, and therefore was forgiving my undress. And now I have my passport back in my grubby mitts, with a very unexciting Thai visa in it - it even says Cardiff in it, which totally ruins all designs on worldliness if you ask me. But still, it means I have a year's worth of comings and goings, which is rather nice. Nothing worse than a visa stress, I can assure you. So, if I had to leave tomorrow, I could, which is also good.


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