Sunday, May 22, 2005

definite lack of activity

Moving beach was the greatest decision. Haad Thien was pretty, but it just wasn't as beautiful as where I am now, which is Mae Haad, or Koh Ma. Most definitely wonderful, and tres quiet. Casey and I are in a bungalow for 150B (ok, so the water doesn't run clean, but still, we have to sea to wash off in!), and all we do is wander and read. We barely talk to each other all day. Perfect. It doesn't help that she has a gimpy foot as a result of drunken incidents in Haad Thien that were nothing to do with me, but it does mean that she has to keep it dry - no snorkelling for her. I haven't actually been snorkelling yet, and tomorrow is my last day, so I am definitely going to go tomorrow. Each time I think about going at the moment, I get a wave of lethargy. The curse of the Thai islands.

I did manage to achieve the unthinkable last night. We get the most beautiful lightning storms here - huge clouds with the lightning flashing through them, so close that you can almost touch them. Its gets windy, but has only rained once. Last night I took my cheapy digital camera out and managed to get some amazing shots of the lightning. It was a combination of luck and logical thinking that I got them. I used the option which takes continual photos, and for every 10 photo of pitch black, I got the most amazing shot of lighting shooting through the clouds. It was very addictive though, and Casey had to tell me to stop before I had a memory card filled with lightning shots. One is so perfect it is getting blown up and put on my wall. Its the only time I've been pleased to have a digital, I think.

Kate, my little sister, and I have been emailing back and forth about her coming out to see me. I'm going to take her to the islands on both sides, and I'm already getting excited about showing her stuff, and taking her places, and she isn't even coming out until August. By then. I will have been to three more countries. Hard to believe.


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