Thursday, May 19, 2005

bungalows and blue seas

I've been staying for the last week on Koh Pha Ngan, at the Haad Thien beach, although tomorrow we are moving beaches. It is blisteringly hot, and we only sunbathe in the morning. In the afternoon, its more hammocks and dozing. Although yesterday we were rather active, considering the circumstances, and got a boat ride to check out another couple of beaches. Typical of all Thai negotiations, what we bargained for before we left changed once we were in the boat. People say that Thailand is the land of smiles - certainly not among taxi drivers and long tail drivers. Those guys never smile, and instead pout and sulk through most of their journeys.

I am travelling with three other people - we are a cute little travelling family. It consists of Josh from Melbourne, Sarah from Sydney, and Casey from Tennessee. We met on the airport bus, and have been together ever since. Most amusing, and puts to death my fears about being lonely.

Our bungalow is rather small and dark, and inhabited by lots of creatures as well as ourselves, such as a big big lizard that wanders the walls, and far too many mosquitoes. Even though we have a net up over the bed, we still get bitten. Poor Sarah also got attacked by sand flies, and her legs are just covered with bumps. The mosquitoes and the heat at night mean that sleep is fairly fitful. I make up for it during the day with countless naps though.

One of the strange things about moving from country to country is adjusting to a new economy. Life in Nepal was so cheap that Thailand seems pricey. Realistically, I know that it is not, and my money goes pretty damn far (good game - getting your bank balance in baht. Now that makes you seem rich!), but the shock of everything being doubled in price isn't fun. Plus, it makes bartering hard, because what is a fair price?

Although nutella and banana crepes may not be strictly a Thai cuisine, they are damn good, and readily available, and therefore far too tempting. Any plans for losing weight have definitely gone out the window. Not that I was really expecting too. Sarah is also a girl after my own heart. Every afternoon, she is like, "I need cake!". The Sanctuary does do pretty good cake, it must be said. And excellent iced mochas. However, there is also large amounts of far too healthy food on the menu for all the fasters and health nuts. Its draws quite a strange crowd, that place. Trendies mixed with people who are serious about their yoga and feel a need to align their chakras each morning. Certainly not for me. Still, its the other side of the island tomorrow for about 5 more days of sunbathing. Awesome.


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