Wednesday, June 01, 2005

always a talking point

In order to keep an eye on my bandages, I have been wearing shorts and skirts for the last two days. This also has the added bonus of people giving me pitiful and/or intrigued looks as to why I have both legs bandages, as well as explaining the gimp walk. I have managed to generate lots of sympathy for myself, but of course I'm not complaining.

The sympathy is much needed, because today I had the unenviable task of cleaning and dressing the cuts myself. Rather painful, and took at least 45 minutes of dabbing things here and there, and trying not to freak out about the small, yet deep hole in my calf. I also found a small amount of pus in a shallow cut on my knee, so I'm debating whether I need to go and get it checked out again. Its the typical thing of not thinking that its enough to warrant going back to the hospital, in case I am wasting their time. Man, on this, I wish I had a second opinion. If only I had followed the family path and gone into medicine!

Today is going to be spent by the pool reading magazines. Yes, that might sound like a holiday to some, but whenever you are forced into not moving at all, it gets very frustrating. I definitely sympathize with my mum and her broken hip now. (Not that I didn't before mummy dearest!)


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