Sunday, June 05, 2005

whenever it rains it pours

Too true in Bangkok. It has rained most nights here at around 6pm, usually for about half an hour. However, tonight the heavens truly opened, and it rained for about 2 hours, flooding the streets and the shops. Very exciting. Although apparently the flooded areas were seething with cockroaches, but thankfully, this is something I have managed to avoid.

I am getting another rabies shot tomorrow. I have received conflicting advice as to whether I need these extra injections, but you can't overdose on rabies vaccinations, so I might as well get some extra protection. My bites are looking a little more infected than they have been, but then, it might just be part of the healing process. Tomorrow is my last day of antibiotics, so I'll have to see how the body fares without the added drugs. And all this wandering around means that my bandages get dirty faster, so I've been having to change them far more, which means that I am spending 200baht ($5) every other day on gauze and sticky tape. Fairly rushing through my cash. I am trying to start a budgeting thang, but man, it is hard. Maybe travelling alone for the next wk or so will be easier though - it is less easy to be tempted when I am alone, and not surrounded by other people saying "just one more drink". Though of course, I haven't been drinking for the last week for fear of walking into something and doing some terrible damage to my bites. What a wuss.


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