Saturday, June 04, 2005

a little bit more wandering

Last night all the other i-to-i volunteers came to town, and it was nice to see some friendly faces, and actually have people to talk to! As usual, we just hung out on Khao San, which was a bit frustrating, because, as exciting as all the bright lights and loud music is, I think I am a bit old for that sort of thing. Drunken people falling over and lady boys is not really my scene. There are a couple of other people who feel that way, so maybe tonight we'll be doing something different. We did go to a cool jazzy-rocky live band bar, for a while, which was fun, but my legs started to hurt, so I called it an early night.

This morning I decided to have another adventure on the river boat, and this time I pulled it off with complete aplomb. I headed to Pak Klong, which is a wholesale flower and vegetables market. As usual, whenever I got off the river taxi, I had no idea where the market actually was, since maps are no good at actually getting their position right, and it took about 20mins of fruitless (geddit??) wandering before I finally stumbled upon masses of flowers being sold right on the street. It was fabulous. I must have taken about 50 photos, and I was the only westerner there. Nobody minded the fact that I was just wandering around, camera in hand, with clearly no view to buy anything, which was good. So I had a nice time with the wandering, and made it back in one piece on the river boat. This afternoon I was contemplating Star Wars, but I might just lie by the pool and work on my rapidly fading tan.


Blogger Col said...

From a fellow Belfast person (what the heck do you call someone from Belfast anyway?). Your photos are amazing. I hope your experiences abroad are as beautiful!

11:02 AM  

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