Thursday, June 16, 2005

the sleepiest little town in the world

Pai certainly deserves that title. I have been here for a couple of days, and managed to accomplish nothing. A very pleasant nothing, I might add. Pai is well known for being a sleepy backpacker's place, rather than a party backpacker's place, and the emphasis is on doing nothing. I have been to three different trekking outlets today, and in each one, the proprietor has been fast asleep. What they are tired from I do not know. Still, nothing like a nice afternoon nap, is there?

The boys whom I was traveling with, Will and Gaylin, have gone home. We waited a couple of hours for their bus, I eventually wandered off, and then when I came back, the bus had pulled up. It was fun travelling with them for a while. Company is always cool, particularly in the form of laid back kids from California.

The point of coming to Pai is to do some trekking, but this is causing some problems. It is not exactly high tourist season here, and so there aren't too many treks happening. I have to go back to each of the companies at around 6pm tonight to see whether they have managed to drum up enough customers. Bit of a pain. If I don't get to trek tomorrow, then I will head off to Mae Hong Son, another mountain village, and check that out. I also applied for my visa to Laos today, so I'll be able to head off there soon. Very exciting to say the least.


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