Thursday, June 23, 2005

all partied out

Yes, I most certainly am, and the rest of Haad Rin seems to feel the same. Its overcast and cool today, not a day for working on your tan. I am feeling most definitely ready to move on, and really that I should today, but my train ticket isn't until tomorrow, so I'm just kicking my heels around here. That's okay though, I can certainly handle a few days on my own doing some reading, writing in my journal, just being calm. The last few days have not been like that at all, due to certain events like Full Moon Parties.

I went to the Full Moon last month, and this one was just as fun, if not more so. I achieved my aim of jumping through the ring of fire, which was fun. I also managed to stay up until the sunrise, which was fantastic. The trick? Not to drink too much. I was having enough fun anyway, and had gotten drunk the night before on the beach. How come I was having problems staying up later than 11 in Chiang Mai and Pai, and then here, staying up til 4.30am and then 8am the next day poses no problem whatsoever. Interesting.

I was down here with Steph and Emma, two i-to-i volunteers, and then we also met two different volunteers, Clare and Rob, which was a lot of fun. The Californian kids were also here, but I didn't see them so much. Haad Rin gets pretty crowded around Full Moon time, and thousands of people converge here to have a mother of a party. There was the usual wandering and losing people, and I also met people who knew people I knew, in that weird, small world kind of way. If anyone is speaking to Johnny Moore (I don't have his email address), ask him if he knows a Conor from Calgary who worked at Camp Montana. Strange.

Partying isn't the only thing I have done whilst here. I took a muay thai (Thai boxing) class, which was hilarious, if a total workout. I was dripping sweat onto the mat the whole time. It was me and another English girl who were learning to beat the crap out of each other, and the sport is damn hard. It required a level of coordination that I am quite simply lacking. Same in aerobics. The whole class goes left, and I go right. I learnt how to do funky spinning kicks though, and how effectively and repetitively kick a guy where it hurts. Tres useful I'm sure. My punching isn't so good though, and my instructor was very clean in telling me I would dead every time I punched, because I let my guard down. Somehow, I don't think its the sport for me.


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