Sunday, December 04, 2005

europe on the other side of the world

Buenos Aires is one of the most European cities I have ever been to. There are coffee shops everywhere, where people eat croissants and drink coffee. San Telmo has a fabulous flea market, and there are Catholic churches abound. It is truly beautiful, with cobbled streets, antique stores, and kids playing futbol everywhere. Furthermore, there is the fantastically colourful and beautiful La Boca to visit - a sort of slum-like area where the corrugated iron roofes and walls have been painted orange and teal and pink. Amazingly wonderful to wander, and even better to photograph. Of course, you have to share it with thousands of other tourists, and the ubiquituous tango dancers who perform in the street. It´s a fantastic city to wander, and with the added bonus of great restaurants and fabulous ice cream, a good place to spend a wkend recharging my batteries before heading to Lima tomorrow for my final leg of travelling. In only 19 days I go home, and I have to say that I am looking forward to it.


Anonymous CreditDancer said...

Such a wonderful description! I couldn't but write a comment. I would like to visit one of those tango parties some day. I guess it's so beautiful. This dance can't leave people emotionless!

5:20 AM  
Blogger zohaib said...

European destinations of tourism have really great & exciting aspect. You told each & every world about that place is so exciting. Love to see that places like that. Thanks to share your amazing experience with us.
Mohammad Zohaib Khan from Atlanta

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